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Posted on 21 February 2020

Sixties Touring Cars – we can’t get enough of them. Which is why we were so pleased when Motor Racing Legends announced that the new Sixties Touring Car Challenge with U2TC grid will debut at DHF 2020.

Bringing back memories of the era when Formula 1 drivers used to also take part in the British Saloon Car Championship and European Touring Car Championship races for the hell of it, this is going to be a cracking grid!

The pre ’66 under 2 litre Touring Cars of U2TC – such as Mk 1 Mini Coopers, Mk 1 Lotus Cortinas and BMW 1800s – have entertained DHF spectators for many years, and we’re excited to see yet more fabulous tin-tops joining the line-up this year. The Sixties Touring Car Challenge expands that grid by four more years – it’s open to Group 2 and Group 1 Touring Cars from 1966 to 1969. So now you can look forward to also seeing Mk 2 Lotus Cortinas, BMW 2002s, Alfa Romeo GTA variants, early Mk 1 Ford Escorts, Mk 2 Minis, Lancia Fulvias and a host of other small-engined cars having a whale of a time around Donington Park.